Album: No White Flag (2015)

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Hailing from the south of Germany, End of Nothing was formed in 2012, gathering members from bands such as Damage Threshold, SPITE!, Dryrot, Sindrome, in order to pursue their goal of playing mostly 90s influenced Hardcore music. In november 2014 drummer Basti left the band and was replaced by Toasty of ECHOES in december 2014. In february 2015 Maddinn joined the band playing the guitar. The enthusiasm for this genre and sharing good times with good friends is what keeps us going. We ain't gonna sell thousands of album copies, nor do we want to rise to the top of the scene. All we want is to picture our vision of Hardcore music in the midst of five-minute-fashion bands, play shows and meet nice people to hang out with. So see ya in the pit or anywhere else!